A Movement Practice that Expands Thinking

Dates - July 21-24, 2021

4-Day Embodiology® for Professional Development

This 4 day program in residence at the stunning Atlantic Center for the Arts is designed for practitioners, therapists, artists, coaches, school teachers, entrepreneurs, administrators, health workers, and more to regenerate and find an inspired balance; with your cognition being renewed and processed through a consciously embodied practice that centers joy. Embodiology® praxis begins with the development of a meditation practice, moving into a rigorous cognitive and sensory investigation. The course is a practice–based in-studio workshop which involves reflective journaling alongside the ongoing movement and mindful practice.

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Professional Development

Over the four days opening the Embodiology® treasure trove,

You will:

  • Experience the principles of Embodiology® through mindful play and improvisation.
  • Enjoy growth in your movement skill and embodied awareness.
  • Learn the power and grace of applying dynamic rhythm to your life through elevated communication in relationships.
  • Lose inhibition concerning approaching the unknown and uncover new approaches to fulfilling your work.
  • Have time and space to re-envision your personal and professional goals.
  • Notice how a ripened awareness of your sensory apparatus can lead you to new insight.
  • Create lasting bonds with other practitioners who are part of this course.
  • Replenish yourself in nature, further stimulating an integrated body-mind practice.
  • Join a community that is fulfilled by working together and taking action to improve the quality of life for more people.
  • Learn about the work of others through embodied communion while regenerating your own zeal.

Learn more about Embodiology® and Dr. S. Ama Wray here. For videos of and about

the method, check those out here.

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