The Embodiology® Summer Program 2023

Hosted by Loyola Marymount University

August 7th-18th, 2023

Program A 

6-day Embodiology® Immersion

Sunday, August 6th - Saturday, August 12

Enter into a bountiful reflexive learning experience for artists and educators.

*Developed by Dr S. Ama Wray Embodiology is the study of improvisation and it originates from ancestral African performance practices where movement, language and music combine. Learn Embodiology’s blueprint and emerge with transformative embodied knowledge to vitalize your practice, pedagogy and your well being.

Emerge with greater insight, be more creative and daring.

The program culminates with two public performances. 

*A prerequisite for the Embodiology® Teacher Trainer Certification.

Program B

3-day Embodiology® Advancing Education

Wednesday, August 9th - Friday August, 11th

3-day Professional Development aimed at All Educators Emerge from STEM, embrace STEAM and keep your students engaged. K-12 teachers, College Professors, Administrators and Public Servants get ready to vitalize your teaching, leadership, relationships and communications style. Integrate a unique method that optimizes resilience, courage and empathy.

Your bodily and spatial awareness impact your thinking. Tap into your creativity as you couple your practice with the arts.

*Expand your horizons to relate more strongly to your students, so they can have an appreciation for the arts and enrich life.

Teaching Training Certification -

Module 5

*For currently enrolled students only

Monday, August 14th - Friday, August 18th

Prerequisites required - students must have already completed a 35 hour foundational training. This residency covers module 5.

The first phase of the training is for 5 days which includes advanced practice, academic study, reflective and collaborative coaching.  

Local and regional students are invited to be students for the Teacher Trainees (free of charge). 

*The module also includes an introduction to Embodiology® for local somatic practitioners, DMT, and Embodiment Coaches. 

This 3-hour workshop led by the Teacher Trainees concludes the week.

2023 -Embodiology®